Friday, 6 April 2018

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Name: Lucas De'Monte
Age: 819yrs old
Species: Vampire
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Business Owner
Hair color: Shoulder length brown hair tied in a low ponytail.
Eye color: Ruby red, wears brown contacts
Skin color: Pale
Height: 6'3
Body type: Lean and toned

Personality: Lucas has always been an aggressive being, growing up as a Viking had taught him that. However over the many years he'd grown more sadistic and twisted cruel to those under his rule. Out in public and around wealthy, cruel people in the position of power the Vampire would come across as a respectful Gentleman, a ladies man often having a wealthy socialite on his arm. It's all a lie of course, being a powerhungry Tyrant in sheeps clothing. Completely untrustworthy with only his best interests at heart, having unhealthy passions and desires for control and dominance over the weak and poor.

Backstory: Lucas grew up in a Viking family with the name Steinbjorn granted on the day of his birth, the first heir in their trader family. His father taught him all he needed to know about farming and trading to be a self sufficient well respected man when it was his turn to take the reins, also taught how to fight in preparation for future battle and raids.

One of Steinbjorn's favorite hobbies became hunting bore, with a competitive streak often aiming for the largest of the beasts whilst avoiding their deadly tusks. Raids and pillaging also became a favorite pastime for the young Viking enjoying the thrill of the kill and the exhilarating violence of stepping on the line between life and death. Coming back from one of his raids he'd met a beautiful young woman which he sought after, quickly capturing her eye and tempting her to bed. They became partners, and she a shield Maiden to join him in battle.

It was planned for Steinbjorn to travel across the seas in search of new riches and land for their growing Norse population. Leaving his partner behind with their free young children, he set off with other men and a handful of women to begin their treacherous journey.

What he did not expect was an inhumanly strong man in one of the villages that drank from their necks and slaughtered their people with ease, his form a rapid blur with each graceful movement. Steinbjorn didn't know why but he awoke after being brutally attacked, throat burning with unimaginable hunger, his senses magnificent and his speed and strength multiplied.

In his eyes, he'd become a God.

Modern day: Having plenty of long years to learn about business, money and power Steinbjorn wanted more. To fit in with the era a simple name change to Lucas solved the odd name solution. He'd discovered the existence of other evolved creatures that lived amongst the humans, and so his cunning, evil mind got to work.

Lucas wanted to study them desiring to know if they were connected to Vampires in any way, setting up an inhumane laboratory where he captured his victims and tortured them with a series of experiments, hiring staff that exulted in that experience. Alas many fine specimens stepped through those doors and ended up in cages, simply having to sample them himself, welcoming them to his bed where they were raped and abused to his satisfaction. Creating a brothel of the finest specimens was one sure way to bring in money. Then there were the fighting rings that the wealthy came to watch.

The Vampire was eagerly raking in the money using his unwilling broken slaves to his advantage, even human slaves were added to the mix when Supernaturals became hard to come by.

(Disclaimer - His Storyline coincides with Rosemarie's, having an unhealthy obsession with her)

FC: Mario Blanco